Individual prophylaxis - Healthy teeth for your whole entire life

Cavity and Periodontitis are preventable - If you and I work together!

Prophylaxe für gesunde Zähne

A highly effective prophylaxis – Measures to protect your teeth from cavity and periodontitis are a good oral hygiene and you a thorough tooth cleaning treatment in our dental clinic, the so called professional tooth cleaning (PTC). The daily home care is not sufficient to remove all the tartar (plaque) – it especially difficult in the interdental space and the gingival margin (GM).

Did you know that in 1mg plaque you can find up to 250 million germs. The metabolic products of these germs cause cavity and inflammation of the gingiva. If you do not treat your gingiva it will turn into periodontitis (periodontal apparatus disorder).

Our program for tooth prophylaxis include:

  • Professional tooth cleaning (PTC)
    Professional tooth cleaning is a protective treatment which prevents your teeth from getting cavity and periodontitis
  • Children prophylaxis: Get fit for prophylaxis!
  • Prophylaxis for pregnant women – Pregnant patients in dental treatment
  • Saliva test: the first step to prevent cavity
  • Elderly prophylaxis – Oral care in seniority – challenges and chances