Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry, Bleaching, Veneers

bleaching 25217875 petersenScientific studies have shown that 80 % of German women and men think that good looks is important.

Impeccable teeth have been given a significant status. Those who were asked, thought that social acceptance, security with social contact such as food, talking, and kissing had priority in the quality of living.
Most of the people would be willing to accept a more expensive treatment, if there would be an aesthetic appealing result or fixed teeth.
Here the aesthetic dentistry falls into place. Teeth should besides helping to chew and speak, look good and give you a great feeling. Your special, individual, and very personal wishes shall become our priority.

The whole spectrum of dentistry may be addressed. As an example there are two disciplines of aesthetic dentistry which may be singled out:

  • Change of the tooth color
  • Change of the tooth shape

Also belonging to aesthetic dentistry are:

You do not like your tooth color after cleaning them? Then feel free to experience bleaching!

Substantial protective ceramic tooth tray. Beautiful teeth are the business cards to your personality.

Protective way to enlighten your natural teeth!

You do not like your tooth color after cleaning them?

Then feel free to experience bleaching!

There a lots of reasons for tooth coloring. The most common are the consumption of tinting groceries (f. e.g. coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco) as well as antibiotics or tooth injuries.


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Why do Veneers have to be applied?

Applying Veneers is part of aesthetic dentistry and is usually to straighten out the front teeth. VFor that reason many wish to have the perfect looks, also perfect teeth: Movie stars are already leading the way!

Because constant, shiny teeth tend to appear more attractive and are a sign for vitality and health. A nice smile has an impact on our self-esteem. People who have nice teeth, tend to smile rather and more than people who would rather hide their unattractive teeth.

  • Ugly fillings
  • Broken teeth
  • Colored teeth
  • Teeth with different sizes
  • Front teeth gaps

Beautiful teeth are the business cards to your personality

laecheln2A veneer is 0, 4 mm ceramic tray that will be glued onto your teeth. The loss of tooth hardening substance is reduced to a minimum.

A veneer features high tissue tolerance and its glazed surface obviates accretion.

Earlier teeth which were harmed by coloring, cavity, fillings or aborted corners were being capped. A veneer is extremely accurate and almost not distinguishable from real teeth. Hereby we restored the positive impression of healthy, white teeth.

Veneers disadvantages

One disadvantage was already mentioned: In order to stick the Veneers on, the surface of the teeth have to be sand backed. But merely 0, 5 mm – 0, 8 should be removed.

The second disadvantage is the price- which you have probably already suspected- you would have to pay of your own pockets. Clinic experiences have shown that people accept that in order to have a beautiful, shiny smile.

With Veneers you will experience a cosmetic makeover for which you might have to spend money in the beginning but which you will not regret for the following enjoyable decades.

What advantages does Veneer offer?

A veneer is compared to the over capping of teeth much more protective, because less tooth substance has to be removed in order to install it. The surface of the tooth has to be grind down by 0, 5 – 0, 8 mm. This means that tooth substance will be lost but not as much as when you would put on a cap.

Moreover, veneers proof to be very long – lasting if not overloading them with chewing nails or pens. It will make them last 15 years if the production from the dental technician is exact, if there is an equally good adaption by the dentist, and a good care.

Last word to oral care

Once Veneers is brought on, there is no special care needed. Meaning no special care that will exceed over an excellent mouth care and the regular check - up visits to the dentist.
An excellent mouth care for any kind of teeth is brutal.

They will thank you with a long durability.