cs 8672441 behandlung 2Endodontics, also root canal treatment (RCT) is rather to be known as an old measure in dentistry. It is a compromise between an extraction and preservation of the diseased tooth.
Sometimes this may be the only possibility when experiencing a huge amount of pain.

What effect should Endodontics have?

The goal of the root canal treatment is to clear the canals, process the tooth and then fill it up with a filler.

This treatment should prevent ostitis and the development over the apex. But this seems to be very difficult.
Root canal treatments are therefore in the frame of scientific standards of health insurance not to be performed.

Why is it so difficult to achieve a high successful treatment?

The main reason for this difficulty that lies in the regeneration process is due to the anatomical structure of the root canals.
Often the canals are calcified or hunched, which makes it impossible to access them. The root system of a tooth can be compared to the one of a tree which lives on its head.
Therefore, it is normally possible to clean and fill the main root canals. But the side canals often remain disregarded and are the ideal breeding places for bacteria.

How are endodontics performed?

After all the manually preparation of the canal system more instrument techniques will be conducted. Especially brought forward should be ultrasonic procedures and laser therapies. These possibilities gain access to areas of the tooth which go beyond of what would be possible with tools. Both methods have a disinfectant and purifying effect. The laser can also fill in little canals. Overall, the root canal treatment should be divided into several sessions to avoid the level of post operative complains.

You will need an endodontic therapy with rubber film to avoid swallowing instruments and contamination of the saliva. The tooth will be isolated with the rubber film. The rubber will be attached with a crib so that it won’t move. After fully prepping the root canal will be provided with the appropriate filler.

Is the treatment over already?

After the root filling it is absolutely necessary that the tooth will be provided with a crown, since teeth can get crisped easily or it can come to bone fractures. Whereby they usually brake in the cement- enamel junction (beneath the gingiva) and cannot be preserved.

The modern endodontics have a huge success rate. Although, the effort is enormous therefore there will be a private additional charge.