Laser treatment

Laser-BehandlungFortunately the laser treatment has gained a large dissemination in dentistry. Depending on the area of application and the form of assignment, great achievements will be made with the dental laser.
Today it is not possible to work without one on Endodontics, Periodontology and surgery.

Areas of application


  • high precision with microsurgical procedures
  • contact – free, sterile operating
  • low impairment of the surrounding tissue
  • minimal or no bleedings
  • precise tissue abrasion

Endodontics: (root canal treatment)

  • to have the possibility to sterilize the roots and to seal the side canals
  • the teeth which were often treated unsuccessfully will be saved


  • Better quality results through the reduction of bacteria in the pockets

Treatment of deep cavity:

Sterilization of dentinal- canals and sealing which would give protection to the pulpa and keeping microorganisms from intruding.