Why proceed a professional tooth cleaning treatment?

Professionelle Zahnreinigung - für Ihre ZahngesundheitAs proven bad teeth and inflamed gingiva are increasing the risk for heart attacks and strokes.
Really bad cases of periodontitis even increase threefold the risk of heart attacks. Augmented bacteria in the mouth of a pregnant women can even lead to a premature delivery.
Therefore the usual professional tooth cleaning treatment in America, Switzerland and other countries is obligatory.

Is the use of PCR scientifically proven?

Yes, the efficiency of PCR is scientifically proven. With this method and the usage of fluoric preparation, cavity and periodontitis can be forestalled.
Experts from the federal dental organisation are stating that in relation with a good home care the PCT can be viewed as “an effective and reasonable prophylactic measure”.

Does the usual tooth brushing become less important thanks to PCR?

Hilfsmittel zur regelmässiger häuslichen ZahnreinigungNo, the usual tooth brushing is and stays essential and is the most self-reliant contribution to prophylaxis.

At what age is it reasonable to pursue PCR?

It is suggestive to already bring your children to PCR treatments. If the risk of getting cavity is high and when no self- reliant oral home care can be established.
The earlier you start, the better are the chances of not getting cavity.

How often should PCR be performed?

Scientific investigations have proven that a PCR should be performed every six months, which is the perfect supplement to a healthy dental care. But do to individual risks to contract diseases other time intervals may be useful.

In our opinion the status of a prophylaxis is still resided low. Many people think that only dentures are allowed to cost money. The costs for a prophylaxis depend on the effort and the time investment.

Professional tooth cleaning in our clinic

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Professional tooth cleaning is a treatment that protects your teeth from cavity and periodontitis. This procedure will be performed on a very high medical and technical level. The bacterial film which spread itself from the gingival margin to the interdental spaces, will be removed painlessly.

Argo: Wellness for your teeth! “Get a Smile”.

The daily home care is not sufficient to remove all the tartar (plaque) – it especially difficult in the interdental space and the gingival margin (GM).Did you know that in 1mg plaque you can find up to 250 million germs. The metabolic products of these germs cause cavity and inflammation of the gingiva. If you do not treat your gingiva it will turn into periodontitis (periodontal apparatus disorder).

And: because plaque and tooth discoloration are not only a visual macule, you are at the same time also doing something good for your tooth care.